There are 12 full members of the WPCF from all over the world who collaborate to promote the development and prosperity of the global printing industry.

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PRINTING United Alliance (USA)

Together, Printing Industries of America and its local affiliates offer members the products and services that enhance their growth, efficiency, and profitability. We are the largest graphic arts trade association, representing an industry with approximately one million employees and serving the interests of thousands of member companies through advocacy, education, research, technical information, and cost-saving resources.

Born out of the consolidation of PIA and GATF, Printing Industries of America has a long and impressive history. We are dedicated to the advancement of the graphic communications industry worldwide. Printing Industries proudly hosts two specialty Centers of Excellence–the Center for Technology & Research (formerly GATF) and the Center for Digital Printing Excellence. Both serve our members and the industry with in-depth, quality research, reports, products, services, and more.

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HKPA - Hong Kong Printers Association

Established in 1939, the Hong Kong Printers Association (HKPA) has one of the longest-histories of any trade association in the HKSAR. It aims to promote the growth of the local printing industry, voice the industry’s opinions to the Government, assist members in business development and enhance relationships between employers and employees in the industry. The Association currently has a membership of 400 companies, consisting of local printers, publishing companies and printing machine and material suppliers. The members include international corporations, HK-listed companies, active SMEs and senior members of the industry.

Over the years, HKPA has organized a host of activities and services such as industry luncheons, large-scale exchange forums and seminars, overseas visits, free website and portal development services. It has also published industry newsletters, set up a training and research centre, and has established employment agreements for the industry. The Association strives to provide the latest industry and business news for its members with various channels, aiming to help the HK printing industry to grasp first-hand information on the local and international business environments.

Looking back at the development of the printing industry in HK, it has transformed itself from a cluster of family-run small companies to become one of the world’s four largest printing centres. This demonstrates the self-growing spirit of the industry. Over the past 60 years, HKPA has been developing with time, providing up-to-date services to meet the needs of the members. For more information please visit

AIFMP - All India Federation of Master Printers

All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP) was formed in 1953 and now represents more than 250,000 printing companies in India. AIFMP draws its strength from 63 regional affiliate associations spread all over the country. In 2013, AIFMP celebrated its 60th anniversary by organising a ‘Diamond Jubilee’ event with the Grand Finale celebrated in July at Chennai with the theme “Adding Colour to Life”.

Giving a voice to the concerns of the Indian Printing Industry, AIFMP supports, participates in and organises a number of regional, national and international events with the aim of lobbying for the interests of the Indian printers, showcasing the Indian printing industry’s achievements and holding Technical Seminars to educate printers about global trends and technologies.

Growing at a rate of 12% per annum, the current annual turnover of the Indian printing industry is more than INR 50,000 crores (USD 11 Billion). India is the country with the largest number of printing presses and is second only to China in terms of the number of employees in printing sector. For more information please visit

FNPA - The Federation of Nepal Printers' Association

FNPA (The Federation of Nepal Printers’ Association) is the main and only umbrella organisation of printing industries in Nepal. In September 1978 the Nepal Printers’ Association (NPA) was founded, and in 2013 it was renamed as FNPA.

FNPA is located in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. As the main representative body of printing industries in the country, FNPA represents interests of the private sector that is involved in the promotion of socio-economic development of Nepal.

FNPA represents printing entrepreneurs established across the country. The endeavours of FNPA are centred into helping printing businesses to improve their productivity with quality assurance, explore printing markets in the country and abroad and present printing products from Nepal to the international arena. FNPA is also working in liaison with different agencies to promote printing, and to align with governmental and non-governmental organisations in Nepal and abroad. For more information please visit


Intergraf, the European Federation for Print and Digital Communication, represents 22 national printing federations in 20 countries in Europe. Intergraf’s main task is to promote and protect the interests of the printing and related industries, working with the European Union to enhance the sector’s competitiveness through lobbying, informing and networking.

Intergraf was officially founded in 1930 in Berlin as the International Bureau of the Federations of Master Printers. Acting as the International Master Printers Association (IMPA), the office was moved to London in 1946. In 1984 the association was moved to Brussels and transformed into Intergraf.

At present, the printing industry in the 28 EU Member States comprises more than 117,000 companies and employs some 637,000 people. Latest figures show that turnover in the industry is about 85 billion EUR. The industry throughout Europe consists mainly of small enterprises – 90% of them employ fewer than 20 persons.

Intergraf holds the international secretariat of the WPCF as well as representing Europe within the Forum. As a member of the WPCF, Intergraf organises and takes part in meetings and conferences together with the international member federations as well as their national member federations. For more information please visit

JFPI - Japan Federation of Printing Industries

The Japan Federation of Printing Industries (JFPI) aims to take the printing industry to a new level of technical sophistication and comprehensive development by relying on the combined knowledge and cooperation of its 10 printing industry associations. JGPI thus aims to further develop Japanese printing industry and improve the lifestyles and culture of Japanese people.

Founded in 1985, JFPI is composed of 10 printing industry associations with the total number of 8,549 member companies. Overall the Japanese printing industry comprises of more than 28,000 companies employing over 312,000 people in 2013. For more information please visit

The Printing Industries Federation of South Africa NPC

The Printing Industries Federation of South Africa NPC, known as Printing SA, was established in 1911 and is the official representative body for the printing, packaging, signage, and visual communications sector in South Africa. Printing SA operates out of four regional offices across South Africa, representing the growing interests of more than 450 member companies. The organisation has four key focus areas which is we confer, consult, campaign and train for the long-term sustainability of the industry. We ensure the industry all its stakeholders and, in particular, our members prosper.

We progressively advance and protect the interests of the printing, packaging and allied industries by:

  • Actively conferring, through creating platforms for industry knowledge sharing and networking.
  • Consulting all stakeholders for the industry to protect their interest and ensure that the industry thrives and makes a significant contribution to the economy and create employment.
  • Provide Human Resources and Industrial Relations consulting services to improve operations.
  • Campaigning for the industry with government and related stakeholders to grow the sector and the economy.
  • Upskilling and growing the industry through skills development and training, by ensuring quality and accredited courseware.

As a federation, we promise to:

  • Encourage ethical business dealings within the industry.
  • Promote awareness of the role the industry plays within the socio-economical life of South Africa.
  • Provide representation to the industry and ensure our members’ protection against any adverse regulations and legislation that may impact on the industry.
  • Ensure the interests of our industry are considered by government and national bodies that might affect their interests.
  • Provide competitively priced and relevant services to members.
  • Develop meaningful relationships with our members, suppliers, providers, trade unions and the media.
  • Provide a forum for members to discuss common needs within the confines of legislation.
  • Meet all statutory obligations to stakeholders.

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Printing Technology Association of China

Founded in March, 1980 the Printing Technology Association of China is supervised by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China (SAPPRFT) and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China (MCA). As a non-profit public organization composed of domestic printing science and technology professionals, printing industry specialists and workers in related enterprises, the PTAC was authenticated one of the 4A social organizations by the MCA in 2013.

With 8401 members across the country,the PTAC has fourteen branches including Academic Committee; Popularization and Education Committee; Enterprises Management Committee; Specialty Printing Committee; Editing Committee of China Print; Editing Committee of The Yearbook of Chinese Printing Industry;Printing History Study Committee; Innovation and Design Committee;Social Organization Standards Committee;Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging Division;Commercial Notes Printing Division;Gravure Printing Division; Digital Printing Division;Flexography Printing Division; Information System Application.

The PTAC is actively promoting the environmental production of Chinese printing industry and carrying out the certification on green printing,in addition to organizing the”National Printing Vocational Skills Competition” biennially.The PTAC has established the national Bi-Sheng Printing Technology Awards.As the original member of World Print& Communication Forum (WPCF) and the Forum of Asian and Pacific Graphic Arts(FAPGA), the PTAC, has also undertaken the President of Asia-Pacific Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging Association. The Secretariat of SAC/TC 170 (the National Technical Committee 170 on Printing of Standardization Administration of China) is affiliated with the PTAC, while the Secretariat of ISO/TC 130 (Graphic Technology, the 130th Technical Committee of the International Standardization Organization) is also assumed by it.The PTAC jointly unites the China Academy of Printing Technology and the Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd to run All In Print Exhibition which has obtained UFI certification.

KPA - Korean Printers Association

Korean Printers Association was founded in 1948 in order to restore Korean prestige as a leading authority in printing, uphold the rights of printers and to build the foundation of our national culture based on our pride as cultured people.