The objective of the World Print & Communication Forum (WPCF) is to form one single, global platform for the printing and related industries in order to promote business opportunities and the image of the print. The WPCF facilitates the exchange of information on economic and other relevant business indicators, sharing best practices on environmental issues, and providing intelligence to support business opportunities for its members.

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In a world of globalised economy and growing interdependence, the printing industry is challenged by the constant development of new technologies and media that is accelerating the transformation of traditional print markets. In order to promote print and the prosperity of the printing industries worldwide there is an increasing need for printing, packaging and graphic communication industries to share information and to be aware of emerging trends.

The World Print & Communication Forum recognises the need to promote print, to co-operate internationally in order to address common emerging challenges and pressing issues in different countries, such as technological development and environmental and sustainability issues.

The WPCF’s main purpose is to act as a platform whereby printers and their suppliers are able to discuss and share best practices on a regular basis. Among other things, the WPCF is engaged to stage the World Print & Communication Congresses and smaller, ad-hoc conferences which facilitate co-operation and the exchange of information between users and suppliers of technology and services in the related sectors.

The purpose of the WPCF is:

To promote the development and prosperity of the printing, graphic arts, communication and allied industries in all regions of the world.

To improve the management of these industries with a view to their continuing and increasing prosperity.

To provide a platform for exchange of information and cooperation between users and suppliers of technology and services.

To jointly promote and develop other related activities.

To reach these goals we:

Encourage the development of the printing, graphic arts, communications and allied industries worldwide.

Promote education, contact, friendship and a spirit of cooperation between owners and managers of enterprises engaged in these industries.

Establish an information exchange and a dialogue between companies, associations and individuals in these industries, including their respective suppliers and customers.

Engage, when appropriate, governmental bodies and the general public in the achievement of its objectives.

Stage World Print & Communications Congresses in order to promote education and to exchange information and experience in the related sectors.

Support Member Associations which host the World Print & Communications Congresses and contribute to the funding of these events.

Establish and maintain a world calendar of major events in the sector;

Carry out or promote any other related activity.