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The World Print & Communication Forum is a collaborative platform for the world’s major transnational and national printing associations to work together to promote the development and prosperity of the global printing industry. WPCF also facilitates and encourages communication with other parts of the print value chain to further develop the print and communication market through international and cross-industry collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

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The World Print & Communication Forum (WPCF) is an international, non-profit association founded in 2004 by the world’s major printing associations. It represents eight transnational and national printing associations, including national federations from Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan and Korea, and transnational federations representing the interests of Europe and North America. Associate members of the WPCF comprise individual companies and associations related to the printing and publishing industry. The international secretariat of the WPCF is managed by one of its members, Intergraf, in Brussels.

The objective of the WPCF is to form one single, global platform for the printing and related industries in order to promote business opportunities and the image of the print. The WPCF facilitates the exchange of information on economic and other relevant business indicators, sharing best practices on environmental issues, and providing intelligence to support business opportunities for its members. To achieve these objectives, the WPCF stages the World Print & Communication Congress, as well as other smaller conferences, providing a platform for exchange of information and cooperation between users and suppliers of technology and services in related sectors.

In 1978, the first global conference dedicated to print, World Print Congress, took place in Singapore. Inspired by its success, this event has since been organised by one of WPCF’s member associations every 3–4 years. Following the establishment of WPCF in 2004, and the merger of two leading print and communication congresses, the 8th World Print & Communication Congress was held in South Africa in 2005. Since this event, meetings between WPCF’s member associations have been organised in conjunction with the Intergraf’s meetings.